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Writing Masterclass with Universal Pictures & Naomi Wood

When an opportunity knocks, one has the chance to either answer the door or leave it be. This is something that happened to me recently when I had the chance to go to a writing masterclass that was set for the day I’d booked off to finish my recent house move. I enjoy review writing but I also hold a passion for fiction writing that has been present for many years. New ideas had been slowly forming for a while but I needed something to kick my brain into gear. This workshop opportunity with Universal Pictures & author Naomi Wood came along, for the release of The Huntsman: Witer’s War: an opportunity I couldn’t let leave the door. On the grim and wet evening of Monday 1st August, I turned up at the workshop unsure of what lay before me.

We were all welcomed warmly with refreshments and a comfortable room set up by the lovely team from Universal. All participants gathered around a table each given a free heat reactive mug, a pen and a notepad for jotting down notes. The session focussed on the narrative structures of fairy tales, the standard character tropes and visual metaphors. We were also given exercises to do where we had to create characters and scenery within certain specifications. We were not only learning but were put on the spot to stretch our creative abilities in a quick space of time.

This was a workshop that I thoroughly enjoyed. Wood was an informative and interesting teacher who clearly knew her stuff. As the author of The Godless Boys and Mrs Hemingway and a Creative Writing lecturer at Goldsmiths University in London, she was ideal to take us through this 2 hour creative journey into the realm of fairy tale stories. My brain was woken up in a way I didn’t realise I needed. Through the exercises I managed to come up with a brand new story idea that I’m keenly working on and gained a bit more confidence in my ability to create. This is something I’m eternally thankful for.

If you’re a write and you get a creative writing workshop opportunity, take it. It may just be what you need.


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