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The Idol – Brand New Trailer!

“Don’t let anyone make you believe that your dreams don’t matter.”

See, that’s important. Hopes and dreams, goals and wants, they are actual crucial to making the world go round. Whilst not all of us can achieve it, the belief and the determination is always inspiring.

The Idol looks at a singer reaching his goal through impossible odds.

The film revolves around a young boy in Gaza who dreams of singing in the Cairo Opera House. However, with the country like a prison state, that goal seems completely unfeasible. But, for Mohammad, singing is a passion and as he travels out of Gaza to audition for Arab Idol, his dream may become a reality.

It’s a bit odd to release a trailer two days from cinematic release but the daring and unquestionably brilliant premise has us immediately embroiled in the film.

What do you think?


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