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The Handmaiden – Brand New Trailer

We’ve all had little revenge fantasies – getting your old boss fired, posting embarrassing photos of your ex, pushing someone off a very tall building because they ate the last slice of cake which they KNEW you had been lusting over since 10am that morning. ‘Oh but you made it sound so good!’ Fuck off Karen, you’ll rue this day!

Park Chan-Wook is a director very well acquainted with the theme of vengeance. Best known for his film Oldboy, the second in a trilogy all about that very subject, it is safe to say that something new from the acclaimed Korean director has been hotly anticipated. And by all accounts, Chan-Wook has not let us down! The trailer for Handmaiden has finally dropped and a full-blown theatrical release is scheduled for mid October this year.

The trailer itself reveals very little about the plot. A little research, however, tells us that the film is based on Fingersmith – a novel by Sarah Waters set in Victorian Britain. Chan-Wook lifts this story and its characters, taking them through time and space, and drops them into 1930’s Korea. Who needs a time machine when creative minds can do all the hard work for you? It follows the story of Japenese heiress, Hideko (Kim Min-hee), who, in an effort to find a husband and maintain her social standing, falls into a trap set by Fujiwara (Ha Jung-woo), a con-man with an self-serving agenda. He enlists the help of pickpocket Sook-hee (Kim Tae-ri), paying her off to pose as Hideko’s new maid and convince her to marry him. Love does indeed blossom, but not according to Fujiwara’s plan, as the two young women fall for one another and things take a turn.

Suspense, lust, threats of violence and off-key strings, this trailer begs the question – is revenge really all that sweet?


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