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Eddie the Eagle – DVD & Blu-Ray Review

There is an abundance of inspiring sporting biopics. It’s quite easily to replicate. You get one true story, kneed and manipulate it to adhere to audience tastes, add a dash of underdog seasoning, and top it off with a heart-warming finale. Occasionally, you can spice movies up with pinches of different elements: drug abuse, racial prejudice, and the death of a family member are usual key plots to use. Boil it into a two hour film, serve with a dash of star power, and watch as the audience consume.

Eddie the Eagle ticks every box. Not just in the Sporting Biopic category, but also in the British Feel-Good one too. Despite the unoriginality here, however, Eddie the Eagle is still a wonderful and heart-warming film to lift your spirits and make them soar.

Directed by Dexter Fletcher and starring Taron Egerton and Hugh Jackman, Eddie the Eagle revolves around real life Eddie Edwards who, despite a series of knock-backs in his dream of becoming an Olympic champion, becomes Great Britain’s first ever ski-jumper. Enlisting the help of disgraced coach Bronson Perry, Eddie learns more about the sport and aims higher than the expectations the world has for him.

As aforementioned, Eddie the Eagle falters because it is a tale we’ve seen repeatedly in cinema. The story of a sportsman told constantly by institutes, other sportsman, and his own family that he cannot do his dream has been told in many conceptions. The underdog tale is now like a dog chewing his bone until his tooth is raw and Eddie the Eagle fails to add anything but scraps of meat to the table (if we were to exhaust the metaphor.)

Regardless of its derivative, Eddie the Eagle is heightened by the superb talent of the young Taron Egerton who changed his shape, age, and mannerisms to lock to characters down (figuratively.) The Welsh superstar catches the determination that echoes within Eddie’s live as well as the simple optimism. He greatly embellishes his persona with a lot of heart and struggle. You cannot help but warm to Eddie and yearn for him to succeed, despite his bonker’s goal.  Helped along by Hugh Jackman’s alcoholic yet rambunctious coach helps shape Egerton’s performance and the chemistry between the both of them is fantastic!

Alongside Florence Foster Jenkins, the tale of an untalented singer who simply chose to sing anyway because she adored the practise, Eddie the Eagle comes at a time where the world is falling apart whilst also striving for perfect. It seems harder and harder for the next generation waves to get anywhere in their chosen career. This tales are important because it shows that passion and determination can propel you anywhere. The lesson in Eddie the Eagle is hope, great spirits, fun, and never-giving up. When people roll their eyes and scoff, even your own family, it is not your objective to deflate and cower away. If you believe in a path of destiny so much, then you have every right to go and leap into it.

If Eddie the Eagle can soar, so can you.


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