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Tickled – Brand New Trailer!

Hands up who likes being tickled?

That’s right – no one. Because whilst there are five seconds of pure glee, then it all turns into a chaotic nightmare of trying not to soil your pants. Giggles are more like wailings as you scream at the torture. Of course a light gentle tickle But many have romanticised the idea, cropping up in romantic comedies and dramas since forever.

Now there’s a brand new movie about it all and it looks strangely hilarious.

Aptly named Tickled, and presented by Stephen Fry, this documentary is an affecting piece. After stumbling upon a bizarre online competition, where young men are tied up and tickled, reporter David Farrier reaches out to the company and instead gets a mocking reply back. Instead of moving on, Farrier decides to dig deeper and uncovers tickling facilities and all its complications in the underbelly of LA.

This is an odd but weirdly alluring film, uncovering a less known shadowy world of…..tickling?



One comment

  1. This is an outstanding documentary which I’ve awarded four out of five stars. As I’ve stated in my review, its “a fine example of how dogged investigative journalism can stumble from something that appears innocuously weird into something bizarrely dangerous”.


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