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The LEGO Batman Movie – Brand New Trailer!


There is a brand new The LEGO Batman Movie trailer and it is glorious. If we were to rank all the Batmans in all the world, Will Arnett’s super-pumped, super-growly, and super-hilarious version, crafted for The LEGO Movie, would be number one. We are all so excited to see him come to our big screen.

This latest trailer shows us more of the plot and, whilst we have seen it before, will never see it as so glorious as this. The film revolves around Bruce Wayne who, by night, is a secret vigilante helped by his long-suffering butler Alfred. When he adopts an orphan, he enlists the boy to become his sidekick Robin and together, they must thwart the illusive and evil Joker.

Just. JUST WATCH THE TRAILER! It’s going to be AMAZING!  So good, so incredible, so amazing. Also, Ralph Fiennes is the voice of Alfred. That’s all you need in life!


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