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Blair Witch – Brand New Trailer!

There is no denying that the Blair Witch Project is one of the scariest movies of all time. OF ALL TIME people. The chills, the tension, and the well timed effects, the found footage phenomenon keeps me up at night every time I think about. Luckily, it had only one misguided sequel (that I secretly love) and no one tried turning it into a franchise.

Well, one until now. Originally called The Woods, we now have another Blair Witch film. And, I hate to admit this, the film looks thrilling.

The film is set years after the first film where college students yet again enter the Black Woods forest. This time, the brother of Heather thinks he sees his sister (who disappeared) in found footage and gather his friends to go find them.

There are some critics who have called this terrifying but this will never amount to the original film! That being said, this trailer has some scary moments and doesn’t rely solely on jump scares to draw people in!

What do you think?


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