The Legacy of Evil Spock


Evil Spock showed up in the Original Series in the episode “Mirror, Mirror”. He was second in command to the Evil Kirk on board the ISS Enterprise. Though Evil Spock is still super-smart and he found out that the Evil Kirk had been replaced by our Kirk so he hatched plan to send the not-evil Kirk back to the not-evil universe.

Trouble is, Evil-Spock is too logical and Kirk managed to convince him that the Terran Empire (Which is the evil United Federation of Planets) would collapse if they continued being super violent to all the aliens.

So once Good-Kirk and Co. left, Evil-Spock got to work. He ended up commanding the ISS Enterprise, then eventually rose to power and became Chief Commander of the entire Terran Empire (as stated in Deep Space 9 episode “Crossover”). Next, Evil Spock (Who I assume was still rocking the Goatee) made major changes and made things more like the federation: Full of peaceful exploration and stuff. No more slavery or xenophobic tendencies!

This of course blew up in everyone’s faces as the Klingons made an alliance with the Cardassians and completely obliterated the now gimped Terran Empire

God-dammit, Kirk.

Still, the Mirror Universe is a really interesting concept with its unique (And war-mongering) changes to human history, just look at the evil opening of Enterprise compared to the normal one. There was also a game (Shattered Empire) that took briefly took Captain Sulu on an explosion filled Journey through the place. I hope we can one day re-visit the alternate reality, if only for the fact that Goatees never go out of fashion! 

Evil Spock now has a Legacy in popular culture, the Goatee has even shown up in Community.

Will Star Trek ever mess with the popular concept again? We’ll have to wait and see!

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