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Sausage Party – Brand New Trailer!

There are movies out there that makes us feel bad for inanimate objects that we shoudn’t really feel sorry for. Take, for example, Toy Story. Our plastic buddies that we discarded when we were told to grow up (because, let’s face it, it isn’t a choice,) all of a sudden were heartbroken things with feelings and souls. Animated movies have a certain way of making us feel guilty and that’s no different for Sausage Party – which will make you think twice about what you put in your mouth!

Right, so, how do I explain this movie? The film revolves around food who live happily in a supermarket, waiting to be chosen by humans. However, once they are picked, they realise the truth: They are going to be eaten. Lowly Frank decides that he has to do something to save his friends before the dreaded Fourth of July sale!

As social media blows up with reaction to this film, the general consensus is this: “what the fuck?” Yeah, exactly. Seth Rogen and Co have created something fucking bizarre but it looks terrific. If they can pull of the humour and comedy, then Sausage Party will be incredible. Weird. But incredible!


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