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Luke Cage – Brand New Trailer

According to show runner Cheo Hodari Coker, the upcoming Marvel/Netflix series Luke Cage will be “The Wire of Marvel television.”

As many of my friends will attest (alongside drawn out groans and excessive eye-rolling) I love The Wire, it is truly the greatest piece of televisual drama that has come out of the last few decades of television, and if Luke Cage can capture even one iota of that, we’re looking to be in for a fantastically enjoyable ride.

Whilst not really showing us anything new within the trailer (though it is rather satisfying to watch Cage beating the tar out of a group of thugs as they continue to shoot at him,) the SDCC promo for the series suggests that Luke Cage will be taking a leaf out of Daredevil’s book and giving us plenty of long, single take action sequences that are thrilling to watch in their mastery of choreography and cinematography.


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