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Iron Fist – Brand New Trailer

Sometimes, it feels like the writers at Marvel were off their medication when they came up with origins for some of their characters. One shining example of this is The Immortal Iron Fist, who will be joining the Marvel/Netflix roster sometime in the near future.

Iron Fist came about when Danny Rand plunged his fists into the molten heart of a dragon he defeated… Like I said, some of these people may need to have a bit of quality time with a psychiatrist. Regardless, there is no suggestion of whether or not the Netflix series will contain any part of his origins, but it’s far too awesome to pass up!

While no dragons appear in the teaser that was released to SDCC, we are treated to a number of shots of monks, lots of snow and a plane crash before ending on the almost obligatory destruction of some property to show us that Danny Rand has powers. It looks like Iron Fist and Doctor Strange will be covering some of the more mystical aspects within the Marvel Universe.


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