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Rules Don’t Apply – Brand New Trailer!

There are a lot of movies that revolves around Los Angeles and aspiring filmmakers. In fact, there have been three in the past 24 hours; La La Land, Café Society, and Rules Don’t Apply.

The last one has a brand new trailer!

Directed by Warren Beatty, who also writes and stars in the movie, Rules Don’t Apply revolves around an aspiring young actress and her ambitious driver who struggle to serve the wants of an unpredictable and wild billionaire. However, natch, they fall in love. Woops.

As aforementioned, this is the third film trailer today that is centred on an era of LA and Hollywood, actors and actresses, dreams and dreammakers. BUT it still looks good. Why? Because Alden Ehrenreich is one of the leads. And we love him. We love him.

There’s also Lily Collins and Warren Beatty. Who knows? This could be great. But we’ve had only two trailers of the film and you can’t make an assumption of the film based on 7 minutes. Same rules apply and all that…

Oh, no, wait.


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