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Suicide Squad – Brand New Trailer!

Who is your favourite portrayal of The Joker? Are you like the masses? Do you prefer Heath Ledger’s twisted darkness? Or are you more classical, the riotous Ceser Romano? Maybe you fall in the middle as Jack Nicholson’s menacing smile spooks you all.

With that in mind, how do you feel about the upcoming Jared leto as The Joker in Suicide Squad?

Suicide Squad revolves around a collection of oddball villains trying to save the day seems like a humours and action-packed piece that should delight anyone who wants to wash the sins of Dawn of Justice away…

The latest trailer shows more of Jared Leto and, judging by the rumours of his onscreen antics, the new conception of the villain is going to straight up polarise people. He’s either going to be amazingly brilliant or horrendous and cringe-worthy.


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