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Sasquatch – Brand New Trailer!

Do you believe in Big Foot?

The furry man-beast has stalked the wooded areas of America for a long time and one blurry photograph has set “believers” on hunts for decades since it was taken. The idea that an amalgamation of a human and gorilla preys on the weak and destroys them in a few chomps. Chomp. Chomp. Chomp.

Anyway, there have been a few horrors that have dealt with the phenomenon and now a British independent horror has decided to tackle the creature in the aptly named Sasquatch….only with a twist.

The film revolves around Will and Harvey who trick a small lake town that the creature is real, armed with a cheap costume and a sick sense of humour. However, their act is so good because the locals believe them and chase the pair down. Welp.

This funny coming of age story looks to be something entirely fantastic with a hilarious twist on the lore!


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