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Goat – Brand New Trailer!

Fraternity’s will always have a bad reputation. Whether it is their garish drunken antics or rape horror stories, the age of the all male frat being a noble institution is well and truly over.

One of the constant controversial elements of the frat is hazing. To even be considered in these groups of people, a “pledge” must undergo a series of disgusting and horrific acts to prove their worthiness. And are awfully punished when they decline.

Already critically acclaimed and causing a lot of buzz is goat…which has a brand new trailer.  The film stars Ben Schnetzer, Nick Jonas, and James Franco and revolves around Brad who, after a party, is the victim of a brutal attack. As his wounds heal, he enlists at a University and pledges to elite fraternity Phi Sigma Mu where he, once again, must face gruelling physical violence again to prove himself.

There are a lot of male ego centric films out there and a lot of films about fraternities. Could Goat balance the grim, macabre, and brutal elements with the light-heartedness?

Judging by this trailer, you can bet the former is there in bucket-loads…


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