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Hell or High Water – Brand New Trailer!

When a movie comes out of Cannes with high-critical acclaim, you best prepare your ass for it. You just know that the film is going to either emotionally destroy you and/or wrap you up in cool, fantastical aesthetics. What happens if they are both? Yeah. Then you have a possible Oscar winner on your hands.

Hell or High Water revolves around a divorced dad and his brother, who happens to be an ex-con, resort to desperate scheme in order to save their families farm. Only they are pursued by a relentless and foul-mouthed Texas Rangers (guess who?) and the brothers try to survive whilst also keeping their families together.

Starring Chris Pine, Ben Foster, and Jeff Motherfucking Bridges, Hell or High Water looks to be a terrifically intense and captivating film that’ll wrap us all up in the drama.

What do you think?


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