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The BFG – Brand New Clip!

The BFG is well known for his truncated speech. His broken English and Cornish accent has been well-established since the conception of the book and has been immortalised by David Jason in the animated version. So hearing him speak yet again in Steven Spielberg’s latest film is somewhat of a triumphant moment.

Based on a book by Roald Dahl, The BFG revolves around a world where Giants are child chomping beasts who gobble kids up in the night. Sophie, a bright young girl, has been trying to spy them but comes across something completely new – The Big Friendly Giant whose sole purpose is to give dreams to young’uns. Together, they enter the biggest adventure ever!

In this latest clip, you’ll see The BFG speak for the first time (despite the fact we’ve had lots of clips beforehand that show him talking.) Although, Rylance will probably never raise to the brilliance of Jason in the 1989 film, he’ll certainly be amazing.

What do you think?


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