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Ice Age: Collision Course – “Simon Pegg” Clip

Simon Pegg is one of or genius comedic writers and performers. We’ve love him. He’s perfect. He can wrap us up in hilarity and then smack us in the face with emotion. He is literally the striving force in British comedy and that continues with many movies this year…

….annnnnnnd he populates some of your less beloved children’s movies with his role in Ice Age: Collision Course.

Ice Age: Collision Course has a plot like so; there is something about a meteor and our favourite animals who are miraculously surviving everything that fucking killed them off in the first place

This is the fifth instalment of the franchise. Fifth. So while you are slaving away and working on your original scripts, a movie about a bunch of pre-historic animals have a fifth movie.


So whatever, enjoy this clip with Simon Pegg in it: Perhaps the only shining light in this movie despite him clearly scooping up the cash.


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