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The Colony – Brand New Clip

Moving on from Harry Potter seems to have been really easy for Emma Watson. Alongside her talented co-star Daniel Radcliffe, she has emerged from the confines of straggle hair and wands to immerse herself in a world of dramas and more. Transforming herself from child-star to adult humanitarian actress, Watson has defied the magical world that made her and became this blossoming beauty, enriched with talent and more. From The Perks of Being A Wallflower to Regression, Watson has a stellar career ahead of her.

Which is shown in the brand new clip for drama The Colony.

Starring alongside Daniel Bruhl, The Colony mixes Cold War antics and cults to provide a rich and chunky story. It revolves around flight attendant Lena whose boyfriend Daniel is kidnapped by the Government for creating images in support of President Salvador Allende. Helping find him, Lena travels to Colonia to offer herself to fascist sect and sinister minister Paul Schafer who’s holding him captive. There, a battle of wits and determination ensures.

Whilst not a lot is shown here, there has been a definitive tone set which aches within the trailer. Earnest performances by two upcoming actors, this’ll be a must-see movie set in a period of tension.


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