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Ouija: Origin of Evil – Brand New Trailer!

When you were a pre-teen, a lot of you may have dabbled in the supernatural. Unlike me. No siree. I didn’t have a collection of pseudo-gothic/emo friends who pretended to cast spells and had séances on a regular basis. That wasn’t me. Nope.

Ok. Maybe it was. But in my defence, the occult really (and still does) interested me. And one thing every person has tried at least once is the Ouija board. You know, to try and summons demons and shit.

There have been many movies that have revolves around this lettered game including 2014’s apparent sleeper hit Ouija. Origin of Evil takes us to 1965 Los Angeles and a widowed mother whose two daughters try to boost their séance scam business. Unfortunately, it all goes pear-shaped.

Directed by Mike Flanagan, Ouija: Origin of Evil looks to be completely dull affair. What do you think?


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