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A Series Of Unfortunate Events – Brand New Teaser!


Imagine the marketing meeting. A bunch of suits drinking scotch and banging secretaries meet in the daylight smoking cigars as the puff rolls across their greased hair. A dark and witty show has landed on their laps and they have to sell it. Sell it quick. Sell it hard. Sell it fast.

Between tits, sex, and alcohol, they have run out of ideas. After all, this show surrounds children and you cannot use those three things now can you.

Then in the midst of a cigarette haze intern Jimmy Jooversion pipes up:

“Why don’t we have someone dressed up as creator Lemony Snicket telling them not to watch it?”

“Your mad Jimmy! It’ll never work.”

“Ah yes, but what if it’s Patrick Warburton?”

“Jimmy you’re a genius, here’s my keys, go home and fuck my wife.”

And that’s how the best teaser ever was created. Stick around for more from Netflix and the shows leading star Neil Patrick Harris. And yes, hopefully more Warburton

A Series of Unfortunate Events is out Friday 13th Jan 2017!

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