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Hacksaw Ridge – Brand New Trailer!

The title for Hacksaw Ridge gives every impression of a schlocky horror film, and in some respects, it is an accurate descriptor, what with the source material discussing one of the most harrowing and brutal periods of the twentieth century, World War II.

Fortunately, the story that is the focus of the film is that of Army Medic Private Desmond Doss, a conscientious objector who refused to wield a weapon and took part in the battle of Okinawa.

Curiously, for a film about a pacifist, there is a strong sense that the war itself is glorified in the trailer as we are treated to slow-motion shots of guns firing, and armoured bunkers being assaulted by a flamethrower. It leaves you feeling like the filmmakers were unsure of which audience they wanted to capture with the source material, and ended up throwing it all together in the hopes that they would come out the other side with an action film that told the terrors of war in a deep, meaningful and respectful manner.

Here’s hoping the trailer is just misleading to appeal to the largest group possible.

 Hacksaw Ridge is out November 4th.

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