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Dekalog and Other TV Work -New trailer

Arrow are by far some of the best Blu-Ray publishers in the world, and now they’re bringing us the hit Polish television series from the director of the Three Colours Trilogy, Krzysztof Kieślowski.

Dekalog is a ten part miniseries from 1989, each episode having a stand alone story based on one of the Ten Commandments. The budget was so low that they could only afford two takes per scene, but somehow Kieślowski managed to create a masterpiece of television. The trailer for this new box set is merely several still images of the show played in quick succession with eerie tune accompanying it, while words and information appear on screen, including a glowing review from the one and only Stanley Kubrick. It’s an enticing and intriguing trailer, despite the fact that it tells you virtually nothing.

Not only in this box set do you get 4K restorations of all ten episodes, but a collection of Kieślowski’s short films: Pedestrian Subway, First Love, Personnel, The Calm, and Short Working Day, as well as an affectionate 82 minute documentary titled Krzysztof Kieślowski: Still Alive, and more features to come.

Dekalog and Other TV Work looks like the perfect box set for world cinema fans, or just fans of gripping crime drama.

Dekalog and Other TV Work comes out 17th October

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