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Wakefield – Brand New Trailer!

There’s only so many times we can say that Bryan Cranston gives a career best performance; eventually, we’re going to have to choose one. His latest effort looks like it could be a strong contender, as he gets away from the world in Wakefield.

Howard Wakefield (Cranston), after a particularly difficult day, decides he doesn’t want to face his wife and children and hides in his outhouse. The night turns into weeks, the weeks turn into months, and eventually Howard becomes obsessed with staying away from his life as he struggles through a mid life crisis.

The film looks magnificent; refreshing, original, and there’s something very chilling about these trailers. You can already tell that Cranston is gonna knock it out of the park, but this genuinely has the potential to be his best work yet.

Wakefield is out 19th May

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