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Central Intelligence – Review

by Daniel Joseph Serra 

Dwanye Johnson and Kevin Hart are an odd pairing. So peculiar, in fact, that they have spent a large proportion of the marketing campaign highlighting the physical difference between them. You know hug the premise Kevin Hart is small and Dwayne Johnson is literally a rock. Together, hilarity will ensue.  Something different to what we have seen before? Not really. But what’s different this time?

Central Intelligence focuses on the friendship between Calvin (played by Kevin Hart) and Robbie (played by Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson) which started in high school. Unfortunately Robbie was a little rotound and constantly bullied for it. Flash forward 20 years and Robbie has gone from the bullied kid in high school to being a bad ass CIA agent who needs Calvin to help him with a case he’s working on.

First of all, this movie is about a bromance and it is actually incredibly cute. The chemistry between Hart and Johnson is incredible strong, allowing the comedy and, surprisingly, more serious topics to hit their targets.  Central Intelligence takes a much more subversive look at buddy movies and moves past the initial physical traits to go deeper with their film and amusement.

For example Johnson breaks down his usual macho man look, stating a love for unicorns and singing classic RnB women songs. Denoting a change in the air for the future of the genre, Johnson’s Robbie is a different action hero, slamming against homophobia and breaking down stereotypes that have populated the screen for far too long. Hart is a perfect complement to Johnson, adding a bewildered and panicked Calvin to juxtapose against Robbie’s strong exterior yet soft heart.

The everyman and the extraordinary man melding into a pot of humour has been done before and whilst Central Intelligence does teeter into the usual garb, it manages to smash out an overall original comedy that will tickle you. This movie is not going to change people’s lives. But it’s perfect for a fun night out. The jokes are sharp and intelligent despite a bit of a far-fetched opening, giving plenty of belly laughs and fun.

It’s worth mentioning, due to the recent acts of terror in the world, there was a strange atmosphere change when guns became a heavy part of the film. And the reoccurring line “are you in or out?” definitely had an effect. Central Intelligence may not have meant to be this political inclined but it certainly resonated.

To add to the fun, what better than a few fun cameos but I won’t say too much: You have to experience them first-hand. The nineties s soundtrack is the cherry on top. Whilst Central Intelligence may not be the most accomplished comedy, certainly there is a little more that could’ve been added to level it away from some of the average jokes and plot lines. That being said, without giving anything away, look out for the little touch of ‘spice’ that really gave the film a kick and solidifies it as a better film.

Central Intelligence is a fun filled quirky bromance and completely worth watching.


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